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OCULi-HD-15 Wireless 4G 5MP PIR Camera
OCULi-HD-15 Wireless 4G 5MP PIR Camera
OCULi-HD-15 Wireless 4G 5MP PIR Camera
OCULi-HD-15 Wireless 4G 5MP PIR Camera

OCULi-HD-15 Wireless 4G 5MP PIR Camera

Luminite Electronics

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The OCULi-HD-15 is an "all-in-one" battery powered, standalone wireless 15-meter (50ft) wide angle PIR detector combined with a built-in 5MP HD camera providing rapid notification and visual verification of captured events using 4G and LTE mobile cellular networks. The 15-meter x 90° PIR coverage is ideal for open spaces such as construction sites, parking lots, and public areas.

Key features:
  • Rapidly deployable to areas with no power or easily available Internet connection
  • Provides visual verification over the 4G network in seconds. On detection of an event, the footage is sent to the secure cloud server and is available to be viewed in the secure Web Portal and Mobile App
  • 5MP HD camera to record and view events in full high definition with image resolution up to 2560x1944
  • Wide 15m x 90° PIR detection range using a quad sensor, falling within the camera’s 135° field of view. Note: for long range detection applications, check out the OCULi-HD-40
  • Powered by replaceable 3.6-volt lithium D cells, which, with normal use, boast a battery life between 6-9 months; externally rechargeable batteries with a normal autonomy of 3-4 weeks or optional solar charging kit to facilitate more power-intensive features such as Live Streaming and requests for further footage
  • Built-in audio amplifier for connecting an external horn or speaker to automatically play a pre-recorded message or sound on detection 
  • Integrates with popular Central Station monitoring platforms (IMMIX CS, MSC/Monitor Computer Systems & others) for remote video guarding applications
  • Designed and manufactured in UK. NDAA Compliant

Note: Batteries, active SIM card/data plan and OCULi CLOUD service subscription sold separately.

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