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OCULi-HD Off Grid Time Lapse Camera Solutions

OCULi-HD Off Grid Time Lapse Camera Solutions

Luminite Electronics

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The OCULi-HD 5MP Wireless 4G/LTE Camera's Time Lapse feature takes an image at regular intervals to compile a dynamic visual record of the project from start to finish and condensing months of work into a short video showcasing the advancement of your construction or real estate development project while elevating your brand.

It allows team leaders to remotely monitor progress and identify opportunities for improvement, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. It serves as a valuable tool for project management, eliminating the need for physical presence at all times.

Key features:

  • Ease of installation. The OCULi-HD is an all-in-one, virtually out-of-the box wireless camera solutions that can be easily installed and moved to another location as the project progresses with no wires or external power connections required.  An optional magnetic mount allows OCULi HD to be mounted on a metal surface without the need to drill holes.
  • Off Grid solution: OCULi-HD is powered using long lasting Lithium batteries or optional Solar Kit, well suited for construction projects can span over long periods. Captured images are transmitted to the CLOUD using 4G/LTE wireless networks
  • High Resolution Image Quality: High-resolution 5MP images are crucial for clear and detailed time-lapse videos.
  • Adjustable Interval Control: allows you to customize your time-lapse based on your project's requirements.
  • Engineered and tested for outdoor environments: The robust build quality of the OCULi-HD camera withstands weather elements and cold that could otherwise compromise video quality.
  • Flexible purchase and short or long term rental plans available

Want to try a OCULi-HD on your next project?

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Note: Batteries, active SIM card/data plan and OCULi CLOUD service subscription sold separately.


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