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Wireless CCTV NANO Compact Single Channel 4G Wireless Surveillance Unit

Wireless CCTV NANO Compact Single Channel 4G Wireless Surveillance Unit


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The Wireless CCTV NANO is a compact, single channel 4G surveillance unit which can be be used with fixed, PTZ, analog or IP cameras providing reliable transmission of live and recorded video, bi-directional audio, and GPS information over wireless technologies including 4G, LTE and CDMA mobile phone networks.

The small and totally portable unit contains a removable compact flash card for digital evidential quality recording. Users can monitor either live or recorded video or footage from any remote site via 3G HSUPA mobile connectivity. An automatic fall-back to HSUPA, UMTS and GPRS provides optimal flexibility. The product is future-proofed and designed to operate on all latest generation mobile networks.

Key Features:

  • Small and totally portable
  • Mobile & Flexible
  • Remote access to live video
  • Remote access to evidential digital recordings
  • Rapid installation and easy re-deployment
  • Hybrid camera functionality (fixed, PTZ, analog, IP)
  • Multiple transmission options
  • Full system integration

Possible Applications

  • Ideal for re-deployable solutions in temporary, mobile or semi permanent situations (traffic, construction, events, sport)
  • Mobile Video applications
  • Public space monitoring
  • Remote evidence gathering (cable theft, vandalism, harassment)
  • Surveillance in hazardous or remote areas

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