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360 Vision PREDATOR White Light
360 Vision PREDATOR White Light

360 Vision PREDATOR White Light

360 Vision Technology

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360 Vision Predator Rugged PTZ Camera with Patented White Light Illumination and Dual IR for 70m+ Colour at Night™ true colour images

Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom!

360 Vision Technology's Predator WL100 is the first Dual IR and White Light Patented Green Technology PTZ to offer true colour images, at night, in zero light conditions. Offering monochrome images to 120m and true colour to 70m, Predator WL100 is unique in delivering both monochrome and colour in zero light applications.

PREDATOR White Light with Dual IR features:

  • Dual IR option for 90m illumination
  • Colour at Night™ Technology for true colour at night
  • Unique alarm activated White Light illumination for enhanced CCTV Surveillance
  • Multi Protocol integration: The PREDATOR comes with multi-protocols as standard allowing complete integration with many leading DVR’s, Matrices and IP systems (including 360 Vision, Pelco P/D/Coaxitron, BBV)
  • OSD: PREDATOR’s OSD enables full access to all functions using either 3rd party protocols or 360 Vision control systems.
  • Excellence in Design and Manufacture: The PREDATOR, like 360 Vision’s extensive VisionDome range, is driven by 360 Vision’s highly advanced motor control system, enabling extremely quiet, controllable and smooth with totally accurate operation and exact preset position selection.
  • Intelligent alarms module allows up to 144 alarm inputs which can be remotely configured via the Vision Matrix or any compatible 3rd party system.
  • Creative Privacy Zones are easily configurable with simple joystick positioning and sizing (up to 32 privacy zones).
  • Low light capability give usable video images as as low as 0.01 lux.
  • Colour/Mono cameras with ExView technology which gives excellent low light performance day or night.
  • Picture Freeze during preset where an on-screen visible image can be frozen whilst the PREDATOR moves to next preset positions allowing more efficient DVR recording.
  • Fast Shutter option for optimum performance with automatic number plate recognition systems.
  • Multiple Color Options available, including Black, White, or Cool Grey with Custom colors by request

PREDATOR options include: Pre-made cables of 3, 10, 25 and 40m, Wiper systems, Twin IR lamp, Wall, Corner and Post Mount brackets, Mounting adapter, PSU and Washer system. 



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