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CheckMyCCTV Automated CCTV System Status Monitoring Stand Alone Server Software Package
CheckMyCCTV Automated CCTV System Status Monitoring Stand Alone Server Software Package

CheckMyCCTV Automated CCTV System Status Monitoring Stand Alone Server Software Package


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Are your customers' CCTV Security Systems working right now?

Get alerted of system faults before they become critical.

CheckMyCCTV™ standalone server software packaged is designed for Security Integrators and Central Monitoring Stations with existing the network infrastructure in place to offer as a service to customers. All that is needed is a dedicated server PC to run the service on, and CheckMyCCTV™ can be up and running in minutes. The service is priced on a low license cost per device, so you only pay for the connections you use.

CheckMyCCTV software automatically and autonomously monitors and checks your installed CCTV sites every hour, detecting and reporting faults and issues using before they become critical.

CheckMyCCTV automatically performs these essential maintenance checks every hour of every day to ensure the integrity of your CCTV and Video Management systems:

  • Connection Issues - Reports when the connection to the CCTV system fails.
  • Camera Failures - Detects if a camera has developed a fault or tampered with.
  • Image Integrity - Detects if the camera images are too bright or dark, out of focus, or out of alignment.
  • Hard Disk Failures - Detects hard disks failures or if it stops recording.
  • Recording Issues - Reports if the system records for less or more time than expected.
  • Time & Date Inaccuracy - Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with.

CheckMyCCTV is compatible with a wide range of CCTV Systems and brands available on the market and is an affordable, highly scalable solution for monitoring anywhere from a single location system to hundreds and thousands of sites.

CheckMyCCTV is currently being used to proactively detect any system issues in major Retail, Hotel and Restaurant chains, Banks, City Governments, Industrial and Unmanned sites around the World.

Try before you buy offer: See how CheckMyCCTV can work for you!

For a limited time, order a No Charge, No Hassle, No Obligation 14-Day Trial to evaluate CheckMyCCTV with your own system.

Simply click on the REQUEST INFO / QUOTE button and fill out the Contact form. One of our team members will contact you with instructions and assistance on getting started. 

Note: Limited time offer available to qualified CCTV Installers or Monitoring Stations with primary business location in Canada or United States. One trial per customer. Other restrictions apply. Offer may end at any time without notice.

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