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Invisible Metal Detector Bracelet
Invisible Metal Detector Bracelet

Invisible Metal Detector Bracelet


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Identify and locate hidden and concealed metal objects on people during routine and unplanned physical searches without physical contact.

  • Will detect a handgun, a knife or small metal object the size of a paper clip at distance of 4 to 5 cm
  • Discrete warning: during the search, a vibration discretely warns the wearer and not the person being checked.
  • Long autonomy - 3 weeks for detection*; Automatic switch to standby mode.
  • Water resistant goatskin outer shell
  • Attaches quickly on hand or over other types of gloves
  • Perfectly adapted to all security check and control applications (concerts, sporting and public events, detention facilities)
  • Sold individually (for Left or Right hand)

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