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Wireless CCTV 4G HD Mini-Dome

Wireless CCTV 4G Rapid Deployment HD Mini-Dome


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The 4G HD Mini Dome Camera from WCCTV provides the user with complete flexibility and portability. The system can be deployed in any location and is ideal for rapid installation and temporary surveillance applications

The 4G HD Mini-Dome system is an ideal ‘one-box’ solution with integrated HD megapixel camera and transmission unit. Users are able to dial in remotely and access live or stored digital footage from the integral hard drive or compact flash card

The camera itself can be controlled remotely with full pan, tilt and zoom functionality and a 360° field of vision

Features & Benefits of the Wireless CCTV 4G HD Mini-Dome:

  • Complete, lightweight integrated unit
  • Reportable and rapidly deployable
  • Built in self-testing diagnostics
  • Remote access to evidential, removable digital recording
  • 360° field of vision• Remote control with full pan, tilt and zoom functionality
  • 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi and IP connectivity

Possible Applications

  • Ideal for re-deployable solutions in temporary, mobile or semi permanent situations (traffic, construction, events, sport)
  • Mobile Video applications
  • Public space monitoring
  • Remote evidence gathering (cable theft, vandalism, harassment)
  • Surveillance in hazardous or remote areas

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