360 PREDATOR RADAR Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

360 PREDATOR RADAR Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

360 Vision Technology

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360 Vision’s Predator Radar is an integral radar controlled, 360 degree, auto tracking and following ‘all-in-one’ PTZ camera, with the power to automatically detect and continually monitor targets – to provide a powerful and comprehensive security surveillance solution.

Designed for high-security applications where the fast detection of objects or individuals is vital, such as within perimeter protection fence lines, sterile zones, prisons, borders, airports and military sites, Predator Radar can track up to 40 targets simultaneously with 400m of coverage.

Predator Radar is optimised for simple and fast installation, with minimal setup required. And thanks to its choice of 0.013 or 0.008Lux integrated HD video surveillance camera and radar unit construction, no servers or software is required for commissioning.