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Service Loaners & Demo Units

Technical Service/Demo Loaner Terms and Conditions

IPX360 Solutions provides the option of a Loaner Unit [System or Equipment] for certain items either as pre-purchase evaluation or as loaner for a purchased unit being serviced while covered under warranty. 

a. Prior to ordering, all transactions need to be arranged with an IPX360 Solutions representative.

b. You must complete the order checkout process and provide the following

  • Company Name
  • Full billing and ship-to address
  • Phone number
  • Credit Card information
  • Shipping discount code (if applicable)

IPX360 Solutions will take an authorization on the credit card you provide using the price of the product you requested from our web site.
(NOTE: an authorization is not a charge; it simply indicates that the amount is available on the credit card provided as a security measure for IPX360 Solutions)

b. Upon product arrival you will have 14 days to test the product.

c. After 14 days, if we do not receive an email confirmation from UPS that the return tracking is active, we will use the provided contact phone number to try and obtain a status report. If the phone call is not answered we will leave a message or send a follow up email. After that, you will be given 24 hours to respond with an update before we use the authorization and charge your credit card.

d. If the equipment is returned to us damaged or no longer in working order due to obvious user error, we will again call or email to obtain the reason why this may have happened. We will then wait 24 hours for a response before using the authorization to charge your credit card.

e. If there are any discrepancies on the part of IPX360 Solutions part, we will require proof that the drive was returned to us before any refunds are provided.


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