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OCULi-HD FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions


System Requirements

Q: Do I need any other equipment on-site?

A: None. OCULi-HD is a stand-alone PIR camera that requires no external power, internet connection, alarm panel or hub. Once installed, activate your camera and SIM with selected data plan online.

Installation / Setup

Q: What is the recommended installation height?

A: The ideal height is 2.5m (8ft) and the maximum height is 4m (13ft).

Q: How do I power my OCULi-HD camera?

A: The OCULi-HD can be powered using:

Note: Adaptor/sleeve accessory (sold separately) required to fit rechargeable batteries inside compartment. Battery autonomy is estimated and based on normal usage conditions. Number of of transmitted events, activating certain features and ambient temperature will affect the life of the batteries. Unit Configuration has several power saving modes you can use to enhance battery life.

Q: What is the PIR Detection range?

A: The ideal height is 2.5m (8ft) and the maximum height is 4m (13ft).