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360 PREDATOR RADAR Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

360 PREDATOR RADAR Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

360 Vision Technology

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PREDATOR RADAR is a complete, radar controlled, 360 degree, auto tracking, target following ‘all-in-one’ PTZ camera system with the power to automatically detect and continually monitor targets – to provide a powerful and comprehensive security surveillance solution.

Designed for high-security applications where the fast detection of objects or individuals is vital, such as within perimeter protection fence lines, sterile zones, prisons, borders, airports and military sites, the PREDATOR RADAR stand-alone system provides an intelligent early warning detection and automatic surveillance system in an integrated product. It is designed for applications where wide area detection and automatic tracking of moving objects is required.

  • Increases CCTV effectiveness by automatically detecting people and vehicles out to 200m range in all directions (400m diameter or 125,000 square meter area)
  • Alarm output facility allows notification to operator via Central Station and/or Video Management Software integration
  • Programmable surveillance areas up to 360 degrees
  • Works in all weather conditions – rain, fog, snow, mist as well as extreme hot and cold climates
  • Automatically slews and zooms the camera to the target
  • Integrated design with no blind spots, full 360 degree coverage
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Ethernet/IP connectivity
  • Configured using web browser
  • Designed and manufactured in UK